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My name is Rob. It is through an incredible journey of study, practice, and self-work that I have achieved my intuitive skills and developing mediumship*. I am guided by Spirit in bringing you the information and products intended for you. 


Readings, Intuitive Intention Tarot, Oracle, and Chakra Decks

& Workshops

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Intuitive Intention

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Intuitive City

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Posters, T-shirts, Cups, & Phone Cases

Several Designs

Various Designs

& Phone Cases

Your Forecast Poster


Stay inspired all year long!

The Forecast Poster is a great anytime gift featuring an primary theme card image (large) and a three-card reading specific to you.

Purchase now includes a recording of your card reading that defines your poster.

As a gift, your recipient's Forecast Reading is a beautiful and meaningful reminder of their journey. Now,  available in 16x24 and 24x36

Deliveries for your forecast poster is currently running about 10 days.


Currently Booking Saturday Readings


If Saturday does not work for you, email me to discuss an alternative day and time. 


Send me your thoughts from YOUR recent reading. If I post it on the Testimonial Page, I'll send you a 50% off discount for a reading!

"You connected me to my DAD that had passed  away.  I was really  wanting to her from him and receive a message and a number . My dad had sent me a check with the number on it in my dreams, a long time ago and I just wanted confirmation.  Thanks again. You were so BANG  ON!!" 

@livingthelifeofriley (Riley)

"You connected me to my grandmother tonight. You spoke of her favorite place... Our family cabin. You spoke of the poker nights there and things no one could possibly know. This reading made me feel so relieved. She's here and the cards I got were trust and protection. You lifted a great weight off my shoulders and for that I am grateful! Thanks again!!"

@Bellarockmace (Alyshia L)

~ Aria N

"Rob, your reading for me was superb. Very, very helpful. I love how you are clear about what cards mean vs what you are getting through your clairs. Thank you again."

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